The Benefits of the Voice to Text Software

Even if you are a fast typer it is difficult to type a hundred words in a minute. Writing down your documents fast can save your time and also help to do better. Dictation software can help you greatly in this regard. This software can type 3 times faster than any human. For this reason, there is no alternative to a good dictation software to type your writings.

Benefits of The Dictation Software

You can use the dictation software for many reasons. No matter which profession you are in: writer, blogger, educator or student; this software can help you to complete your task more quickly and efficiently. Benefits that you will get from a dictation software are:

1.    The first and the biggest benefit of this software is the ability to create contents quickly. Even if you speak fast it can clearly note down your writings as long as you clearly speak it.

2.    It is difficult to write more than 70 to 80 words when you type it yourself. But you can easily speak 250 words in a minute. And when you will use a voice to text software you can write these 250 words in a single minute.

3.    Apart from just noting down your speech, this software can save documents, open and close programs, do spell check and do advanced formatting. Some advanced software can also grammatically check your writing. So if you have any grammatical error in your writing they will automatically get corrected with this software.

4.    It also helps to use several pieces of software quickly and easily.

5.    If you want to repeat any document you can just command the software and it can automatically copy that particular document. For example, if you want to use your signature you can command the software to insert signature and it will copy your name and address and paste it into the current document.

6.    For marketing purpose, voice recognition tool can be extremely productive as it can save the time wasted to note down the documents.

So now that you know so many benefits of dictation software you must try this at least once. If you have already tried it but is not satisfied enough and left it you should give it another chance. One particular problem with this software is you need time to cope up with them. But once you can do so, you will feel more comfortable dictating using this software.

Some Tips For using the software

To start with a voice dictation software you need to first install it on your computer. You also need a microphone to give your commands. Once you have all these you are all set to create text while speaking.

Here are some tips for you to use the dictation software more accurately and spontaneously.

1.    You need to take enough time to train your software. It may sound a little bit crazy but yes you need to train your software. The software will create your voice profile by tracing your commands. And after that, it will be able to easily understand your dictation. So you may need a week or two to get adjusted to the software. Sometimes the mood microphone the time of the day may confuse the software. But most of the time it can give you the positive result.

2.    You should speak clearly and at a normal rate when dictating. You can first take a few notes before you dictate. It will not only help you to write faster but also more accurately. Try to avoid over-enunciating and relax when speaking.

3.    While dictating, your software may make some mistakes. You should take some time to correct the errors to keep your profile updated.

4.    And finally, when you are finished writing, don't forget to proofread the whole text.